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Aimee Greeblemonkey

NO KIDDING. oh my word.


Skinny Jeans are SO NOT uncomfortable. They are actully more comfotable than regular jeans.


My toddler is actually lean and skinny jeans fit her the same way that boot-cut jeans would fit a chunky toddler. I imagine they MIGHT be a little funky on a fat kid.


Why put toddlers in skinny jeans? Because for those of us without fat little toddlers running around, skinny jeans look great and my toddler has never even hinted of any discomfort.


I agree with Loni and Barbie and Aimee. My toddler is thin, not by my choice, my husband and I were also very thin babies. Skinny jeans look wonderful on her and though I don't think it is common, my daughter does not like loose fitted clothing. She complains if her shirt sleeves are to long and if her jeans feel "flappy".


My almost three year old is soooooo skinny that regular jeans just fall right off her. She can't even fit in 24 month jeans!! For me, skinny jeans are the only option other than dresses. Please don't diss skinny jeans for toddlers, because for some of us, they are the only option.


The term "skinny" refers to the tapering of the leg from the knee down. It has nothing to do with the tightness. Everyone has a different body type, including kids and toddlers. Fashion is all about dressing your body type, and just because it doesn't work for you or your child, doesn't mean that it shouldn't exist. And just because some teenager is sporting "skinny" jeans that are 5 sizes too small, doesn't mean that I will put my kid in jeans that are too small.


My daughter who is 4 ask for skinny jeans instead of what she calls BIG at her ankle jeans. Sooo not all children are the same, maybe you should try wearing a pair of skinny jeans before you post such a comment. Skinny jeans are made for some of us and not so much for others. As far as MY child they are what works for her.


My daughter who is 19 months seems to be very comfortable with skinny jeans plus she looks very cute, It is just an style n if they weren't confortable I bet nobhody would would buy them ,not even older people but that is not the case so try a pair n judge after that.

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Susan...mother of a healthy child, mind and body!

Maybe feed your kids instead of giving them distorted images of themselves before pre-school.
Skinny jeans obstruct the femoral nerve which runs through the front of your hips twisting down your inner thigh. It isn't just how tight as much as the type of cut for the look. It is bad for adults. Better to let a child's skin breathe. It is just as stupid as hard shoes for infants.

I wouldn't brag of having a toddler so thin that it is in the low percentile. Obviously, something is wrong with your kids and you.

Go to a decent pediatrician and not a pediatric 90210 doc. Lame parent should be sterilized!


I honestly think this discussion is ridiculous. Put you toddler in whatever type of jeans you want,and let others do the same. Freedom of choice?
And Susan, isn't your last comment a little harsh for this discussion?

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I think denim skinny jeans for kids was a good idea. It feels uncomfortable for them.



We have a toddler who is uber skinny. Have always had trouble fitting her without pants falling off. The only pants that fit her are skinny fit that costs $35 or more per pair which is silly for something they outgrow quickly. Sometimes these items are necessary for kids who are just skinny. There is a reason for lower percentile weights.


susan.. holy lord that is an extreme statement to be making about jeans.

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Skinny jeans for kids is cool!! It is more comfortable instead coz it is stretchable!!! I bought few for my little girl! was so cute!

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