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Baby, you are on the money! Gennifer's possible voting habits are the least of our worries.

Let me ask you this: how has it happened that in the thirty-odd years since Watergate, we have become a people who will impeach a great president, (in the historical as well as colloquial sense), for lying about a blow job, and let one of the most abysmal of all time go scot-free for lying, systematically and deliberately, in every conceivable venue, to get us into an illegal and costly war for control of the world's oil? And why is it that after so sorely neglecting the development of alternative energy resources that would have made it unnecessary even to care about control of the global oil supply in the first place, we can still just barely dip our toe in the water?

And while we're on the subject, why couldn't they have chosen a more capable son of oil barons, if an oil baron president was what the empire needed to lie its way into a war for its survival? They do have more capable sons, don't they? If this is the cream of the crop, I have to wonder if the neocons and the unfortunate drones who are dumb enough to elect them might all be put to better use as a source of biodiesel. God knows they are bound to remain a maddeningly renewable resource.

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