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Avner's article was so filled with half-truths that I almost threw up. It was every bit as slick and manipulative as organic marketing has become.

Locally grown organic food. That's all you need to know in order to keep your food safe, clean the air, clean the water, and clean the land, regardless of the selective studies Avner used.

And Royal Crest Dairy: it's still pasteurized, meaning all the good stuff has been removed from it. And aren't you being suckered once again with the organic or all natural marketing ploy of RCD? Do they actually step up and show you without a doubt they don't use hormones? Thought so.

Speaking of hormones, too much soy can be a hormone disruptor. And what about contemporary drugs in our water?? If you're drinking tap water, what are you really drinking? Whatever it is they test for is what. THink anyone has devised a test to identify all drugs and all chemicals not naturally occuring in water?

I agree: local is fresher and cheaper, but organic is better: no chemicals. There are so many natural ways to combat known pests that it never ceases to amaze me that people still reach for the bottle. They don't know or try to deny the basic laws of nature: you reap what you sow.

If you use chemicals on pests, they respond by becoming chemical resistant. Same with weeds. This guarantees that chemicals are needed in ever greater amounts to combat the original problem that it never resolved to begin with. Avner simply sidesteps this whole issue.

I laughed at your onion comment. Onions keep and the kind of onion you got from the farmers market (Belmar) was weak. Scientists still haven't isolated the compound(s) that give onion its flavor: the stronger and more bitter/spicy it is, the better it is for you.

Thanks for the opposing view.

When I was nursing my son, I went through six months of hyperactive thyroid that went untreated because the medicine that I could have taken for it would have gone into my milk. Of course it's the same for cows.

But then I hear that Horizon's organic milk is not truly organic...


The Denver Post neglected to tell us that Ms. Avner works for a company trying to genetically modify cats so that people allergic to them can still have one. Sounds like a bad Stephen King novel in the making....

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