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Did you see Marc Babej's blogged interview with Rushkoff:

I got quite freaked whan I looked around at work after reading this ...


Hmmm - seems to have got truncated - I'll try one more time


I think you need to check your facts....CPB has only recently become VW's AOR. You're probably not familiar with this term, as you clearly do not know what is going on in the advertising industry, so I will clarify, AOR is Agency of Record. CPB is not responsible for any of the award winning work that catapulted VW to the forefront of automotive marketing....that honor belongs to Arnold. Arnold has been VW's agency for the past 10 years and has only recently parted ways with VW. Before you start evaluating other people's work, make sure you know what you're talking about and site your sources accurately, otherwise you will continue to look like a fool and completely negate anything and everything you publish.

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