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Yvonne  DiVita

Oh puh-lease! Did she really say "choosing dependence upon a man?" How old-world -- tell her to get with it. We left Dick and Jane behind in that old fashioned 20th century. IN THIS CENTURY, women get to make their choices according to their own desires and needs. Staying home is a joint decision -- it does not mean the one staying home is dependent on the one working. Good heavens, that implies that staying at home is just for fun and games.

Any stay at home Mom will tell you, it's hard work! And today, finally, the men who go off to the office (or the women who do so), understand that. They appreciate their significant others for tackling something so huge!

Women who chose to lug a briefcase around, or who have to stand all day at a cash register, need to stop insinuating that stay at home Moms have sold out. Instead, let's all applaud this great country we live in, that gives us that option.

I could write volumes on this. As a former stay at home Mom, I feel very strongly about this. When men criticize women for selling out, it's laughable (really, how many of them can understand?) When women do it, I see red!

Guess I'll shut up now. You nailed it in your last paragraph. Good writing.

Christine Taylor

Hi Liz,

I'm Christine Taylor, one of Yvonne DiVito's interviews -- I found your blog from your kind comment in the interview post. I love your blog! It's a breath of fresh air.

I couldn't agree more with your post and Yvonne's comment. I was unable to be a stay-at-home mom in the classic sense because my ex refused to work. Long story. So that's why I moved hell and high water to become self-employed so I could be home with my son! There's more than one way to skin a... heh wait, I like cats!

Thanks for your perspective, and your aside about these women's obvious envy is exactly right.


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