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mama's got moxie

i don't know what the publishing world thinks of it, but there's definitely an audience for it. just hop on over to

ree's been spoonfeeding a story called "black heels to tractor wheels: a love story" over the past several weeks and her fans can't wait for the next chapter!! :)


While I have no idea what the publishing world thinks of that, I know that a little while back, though still in this year, there was this whole brouhaha with some members of the RWA (Romance Writers Association) and one of the heads of that operation, because apparently they (the RWA) had said something in a newsletter that was kinda disparaging to e-book authors... something like that...

But anyway, so that doesn't really have much to do with what you wrote... but it reminded me of that :)


Thank you, thank you Mama Moxie for leading me to Pioneer Woman! Not only is her serialized story GREAT, but her photographs are amazing. I am addicted.


Well ... my (er, kinky) pseudonym gets published serially. Not there, and I have no idea what the publishing world thinks of it, but it pays the bills.

However, a good portion of my readers don't read my first chapter until my last chapter has been published. And for me, I hate having to confine myself to limited-length chapters, and having to shape the novel around the knowledge that I need a strong hook to bring readers back the next week.

And every chapter must start with a brief reminder of where we are and what we're doing because it's been a week since their last visit.

I think it's an awkward way to read and an awkward way to write. But ... readers pay for it, so there must be something to it. The plus side? When you're published every single week, readers remember you a little better.


Spyscribbler... am I a dummy or what? I can't find your online novel... and I'm dying to check it out!

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